Welcome to Healthscan

Healthscan is becoming one of the nation's leaders in providing “in office” mobile imaging solutions such as Cardiac Nuclear Stress Testing, Echocardiogram, General and Vascular Ultrasound. From start to finish, Healthscan provides every solution needed to offer exceptional Healthcare to your patients.

Healthscan has 3 goals related to our solutions: (1) High Quality Images and Fast Reports so you can make clinical decisions for your patients (2) New Profit for your Practice (3) Building Customers for life by striving for an Excellent Customer Experience and World Class Support Services for your staff.

Healthscan delivers solutions to a variety of businesses, ranging from small family practices to large hospitals. We understand that most physician practices do not have the experience or expertise in setting up, managing and running a successful diagnostic imaging service. We do, and back all of our solutions with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Call our experienced and friendly team today to get started. (888) 586-8521