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Unparalleled expertise meets turn-key solutions

At Healthscan Imaging, we boast an exceptional team of highly skilled radiologists, technologists, and medical professionals who bring state-of-the-art nuclear and cardiac imaging to your practice.

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Through our echocardiography services, we provide advanced imaging techniques to assess the structure and function of the heart.

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Nuclear Cardiology

We provide full-service nuclear cardiac imaging in your practice, imaging center or hospital.

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Fast, accurate teleradiology services help you quickly diagnose and care for your patients more efficiently.

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The latest in cardiac, vascular and general ultrasound technology combined with the flexibility of mobile setup when you need it most.


Our mission is to help you operate at the highest level of overall efficiency and care. We'll work with you to customize the perfect solution.

Top talent on demand

Our expansive network of highly-skilled healthcare professionals allows us to offer an array of flexible staffing solutions ranging from on-call to full-time coverage. Our staffing team is here to support your practice's evolving needs. Let's work together to design a custom  plan to meet your staffing needs.

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Patient-centric services

As industry leaders and end-to-end providers, Healthscan Imaging is revolutionizing the landscape with our unwavering commitment to delivering advanced diagnostic solutions and comprehensive healthcare services. We work closely with healthcare providers, physicians, and specialists to ensure seamless collaboration and continuity of care, resulting in superior patient outcomes.

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Healthscan is equipped with the latest ultrasound and nuclear medicine equipment, ensuring the highest level of precision, clarity, and detail in every scan. We offer a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge diagnostic tools to cater to a wide range of medical needs.

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Echo, vascular and general teleradiology services and equipment at your fingertips.

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Echocardiograms using the IAC recommended protocol and top-of-the-line ultrasound equipment.

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Nuclear Cardiology

Turn-key solution for cardiac nuclear stress testing and more.

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We use the latest in mobile ultrasound technology, combined with highly trained sonographers.

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Is your practice profitable?

Healthscan helps your practice run more efficiently through patient convenience, physician control, profit center, and improved patient outcomes.

Patient convenience
Physician control

Through high-quality reporting, we equip you with the essential information needed to oversee your patient’s healthcare effectively. By offering in-office ancillary services, we streamline your staff’s workflow, reducing the time they spend on coordinating referrals and minimizing the frequency of patient visits to other medical facilities.

Practice profitability

Embrace the power of modern technology in your practice, enabling you to conduct procedures that are traditionally outsourced to other physicians or medical centers. Leverage your unique expertise and amplify your practice’s profitability, all while elevating the standard of patient care you provide.

Patient outcomes

We adopt a personalized approach, recognizing that reactive medical practices may not align with the needs of every patient. By embracing this philosophy, we effectively enhance detection through customized strategies aimed at disease prevention. This results in reduced time, costs, and error rate associated with referring patients out.

What our clients say about us

“I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the ease of using your services. It has really been a great convenience for our patients, as well as our staff, to have ancillary services done in our office. People are more comfortable with familiar surrounding. Reports are on time and we can give patients the results right away… that’s what makes your service terrific.”

William O. Sargeant, D.O.

Primary Care/Pain Management

“In efforts to provide the best in time-value for patients and the latest in prevention efforts I have found Healthscan to be a tremendous boost to my efforts. I really love the ability to provide one stop shopping without the extra hassles. I really value well run companies that help deliver a better style of medicine - Healthscan is exactly that.”

Ryan McWhorter, M.D.

Family Medicine

"I've worked with Healthscan Imaging for 6 years. Their image quality, thorough studies, and fast report turnaround are impressive. The management is always supportive, and the well-trained technicians provide accurate studies. They report and visually demonstrate findings, ensuring accuracy. I highly recommend Healthscan Imaging for imaging services."

Michael E McKinney MD, FACC

Internal Medicine - Cardiology

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